About Us

Background philosophy

BeneTechsisdedicated to providing services to help people and small to medium sized businesses through the most challenging times in their lives, including;


  • Preparingforor recovering from a natural disaster such as a tornado, flood or hurricane, or a lengthy power outage
    • Creationofa disaster recovery plan
    • Creationofa business continuity plan
  • Mitigatingrisksassociated with doing business today
  • Respondingtoa data breach
    • Assessmentandnotification
    • Fraudresolutionand direct xer interaction
    • Mediaactionplan
    • Documentreplacement


  • Caringfora sick relative
    • DealingwithCaregiver Stress Syndrome
    • Identifyandapply for the most fitting services
    • Preventelderfinancial abuse
    • Estatesettlementand reputation protection
  • Recoveringfromnatural disasters listed above
    • Replacinglostdocuments
    • Communicatingwithwork and loved ones
  • Restoringcreditand accounts following identity theft
  • Replacinglostdocuments or sending emergency funds when traveling

Theseexperiencesare stressful enough without the additional burden of not knowing where to turn for help or even what services are available.

Ourservicesare relevant to all walks of life and at all ages, from the person just starting out to retired with significant wealth accumulation.

That’swhereBeneTechs comes in. We have extensive online resources and trained professionals ready to guide you through the steps necessary to understand what is available and help you through the entire process.

BeneTech’sonlineservices provide a rapid way to access resources and find answers to your questions. Additionally, our specialists help clients work with the agencies and financial institutions to protect your assets from fraud, replace documents lost in a disaster, and help businesses mitigate risks related to data

About Us